Skin Kissed Vitamin C Serum: Review

Vitamin C is a very important part of my skincare routine so when SkinKissed asked if I would like to test their new serum I was beyond excited.
SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum (£39.95)
Their serum contains Vitamin C, hyluaronic acid, collagen and rose water which aims to nourish and enhance your skin leaving it glowing.

I have always had a product in my skincare routine which has contained Vitamin C, as it is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin and promotes healing, it also helps with anti-ageing and discoloration by promoting collagen production.

 Some previous products I have tried are:
The Ordinary vitamin C Supension + HA Spheres 2% (£4.90)
Alpha H Vitamin C Serum (£39)
Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum (£40)

This serum, compared to others, has a thicker consistency and a very smooth texture which feels mositurising when applied to the skin. It absorbs into the skin extremely quickly and becomes quite tacky which makes it a good base and primer for your make-up. Make-up blends into the skin well on top of the serum, however, personally I prefer to use serums in my evening skincare routine.

After using the serum every evening for the past 4 weeks, these were the results:
As you can tell from the images, there are major differences in the appearance of my skin.
My skin tone has become more even, any pink marks from previous breakouts have been reduced whilst breakouts in general have been minimised. I noticed that any blemishes that appeared healed better than previosuly, leaving less marks on the skin. There is also a lot less discolouration under my eyes.

 My skin as a whole looks brighter and more luminous as well as feels healthier

Do you use Vitamin C in your skincare? Have you tried this serum?

Let me know!



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