LQ Liquid Health: Skin, Hair and Nails

It's no secret that I have struggled with my skin, so when I was offered to try out LQ Liquid Health Supplements for Skin, Hair and Nails, I was very excited.
LQ Liquid Health
Although the products were gifted to me for testing purposes, all opinions of the product are my own!

The goal of these supplements is to 'treat your skin from the inside'.
The liquid formulation is supposedly more effective than pills due to the bioavailability which means the faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and ease of digest provide a greater benefit from each dose.

Each bottle is gluten, lactose and dairy free and contains 9 key active ingredients including:
  • Marine Collagen: A natural protein and key building block of skin
  • Vitamin C: Contributes to the formation of collagen for the skin
  • Silicon: A high bioavaible silicon found in skin, hair and nails
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7): Maintains normal skin and hair
  • Selinium: Maintains normal hair and nails
  • Vitamin E: Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Resveratrol: Extracted from red grapes protecting the body from damage
  • Glucosamine: Amino sugar which occurs widely in connective tissue (e.g. joints)
  • Hylaronic acid: Nature's moisturiser

I had one supplement a day for 10 days and these were my results.
Day 1
Day 10


As you can see from the pictures there is not a major difference in my skin, although I do feel like my skin looks brighter and more hydrated after taking the supplements. During this period, I never experienced a breakout *touch wood* or dullness and I felt that my skin always looked refreshed.

I have always looked after my hair and I never realy notice many changes in it, this was the same during this period. One possible difference may have been the shininess of my hair. There was no changes in the products I used in my hair but it did look shinier, more of a healthy glow, rather than it looked like it needed a wash.

This is where I saw the biggest difference. I use my hands a lot and my nails always break, especially when I catch the corner of my nail on something. For nearly two weeks now I have not broke one nail *fingers crossed* *touch wood* and they feel alot stronger than usual. If there is one thing I'm certain it helps then it is the strength of my nails.

One potential downside for me was that I struggled with was actually taking the supplement. I've never been one for liquids, I always chose a tablet form; medicine or supplements etc. The smell of this product more than the taste is what put me off, in the end to mask the smell I decided to dilute the formula into blackcurrant juice and digest it that way. If you're not weak like me, the supplement would be easy to just drink out the bottle, this is just a personal preference.

Overall, I do see a difference in my skin and nails but due to the short amount of time taking the supplements the effects are not as significant. On their website it does say that great results are expected after 30 days whereas I have only done 10, so there could potentially be a more significant difference seen after 30 days and continuous use of the supplement.

Do you take any supplements? Have you ever tried anything from LQ Liquid Health?

Let me know!



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