How I Maintain Strong and Healthy Eyelashes for £7.90

Maintaining long and voluminous eyelashes has always been a task for me. 

My lashes go through stages of becoming weak and brittle, maybe due to the constant wearing of mascara, so now I take precautions when it comes to keeping them in good condition.
 If you read my 'Top Waterproof Mascaras' post, you may have noticed that I choose mascaras which have lash conditioning ingredients in them so they are less damaging.

There are many products on the market which claim to increase the strength, length and volume of your eyelashes but I was always very curious if they actually make a significant difference. I thought I would put them to the test as my eyelashes need all the help they can get. Prices ranged from £8 to around £60 so I thought I would try the cheapest first as the reviews were quite promising.

 I found two miracle products that I use daily which have changed my eyelash game!

The two products which have changed the way my eyelashes look are from KIKO Milano cosmetics.

1. 30 Day Extension Daily Treatment Mascara
2. 30 Day Extension Night Treatment Booster
KIKO Milano 30 Days Extension

The key ingredient in both products is the K pro-growth complex which penetrates the lashes and travels towards the root to accelerate and intensify the natural cycle of your lash.

The daytime mascara is amazing at lengthening your lashes, it is such a lovely formula and brush which coats your individual lashes giving you an intense black voluminous and lengthened look. It also doesn't transfer or smudge during the day which most non-waterproof formulas usually do on me.

The night time booster is a clear gel which dries down to a non-transfer state and is not sticky. It is very comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel like you are actually wearing anything on your lashes.

I have used both these products every day and every night since I got them and I will continue to use them.

Do your eyelashes go through stages of being weak or was it just me? Are there any specific products you use for your eyelashes?

Let me know!



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