My Trip to the Lake District

I have always had the dream to travel, see the world and just explore. Since last year I have begun
to visit many new places, starting small, but getting bigger.
It has been such a change in my life so I decided I would share my experiences.

In March, me and my boyfriend Jack booked a weekend break in the Snowdrop Syke Cottage in the Lake District.

Snowdrop Syke Cottage

Travelling to the Lake District was around a 3-hour drive, we left early to avoid any potential traffic and arrived at the cottage 2 hours before we could go in.

Country Roads
We travelled back to the local town, to the Old Farmhouse Pub for some lunch. It was a cute and quiet pub which had such good food and it was reasonably priced.

Old Farmhouse Pub and Dining: Fish and Chips
Jack decided to have the fish and chips whereas I felt like a cheeseburger and as you can see, they look divine.

Old Farmhouse Pub and Dining: Cheeseburger and Chips
After filling our face we finally managed to get into the cottage and get ourselves set up. It is a lovely small cottage, one bedroom and one bathroom, all clean and tidy.

Arriving at the Cottage
Once we were settled, we took advantage of the hot tub located at the side of the cottage. Although it is out in the open and close to the main road, as the cottage is situated on a slight hill, the cars that drive past are unable to see you so you are majority hidden and private.

Hot Tub
Although the temperature outside was around 0 degrees, it made it even more satisfying to get into the hot tub (more like quick run). It is close to the back doors which lead to the bedroom so a quick dash from the bedroom and you can jump in!

Ulverston Lighthouse
On our second day, we took a trip back to the local centre Ulverston. We noticed what looked to be a lighthouse on the top of a hill when we were shopping at a supermarket. Once we had done the shopping we drove around to find an entrance on the hill so we could climb to the top.

In all honesty, when stood at the bottom I completely underestimated how steep the hill actually was!

View of Ulverston
Nonetheless, with cold ears and lack of breath, 20 minutes later we made it to the top. The view was amazing, better than any picture could capture but either way, we made it!

The rest of the weekend consisted of walks along the coast and just relaxing (mostly in the hot tub!)

This one trip is the beginning of many and I can't wait to continue exploring.
Are there any places you want to visit?

Let me know!


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