Rimmel London Super Gel Polish VoxBox: Courtesy of Influenster

I recently received a VoxBox for the Rimmel 'Urban Affair' campaign, courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes. 

Although the products were sent to me, all opinions of the products are my own!

Rimmel Urban Affair VoxBox

Items included in the box were 4 shades of the Rimmel London Super Gel nail polishes. 
I already had a good feeling about these polishes as I previously bought one of these nail polishes in the shade ‘Soul Session’.

 I have used Rimmel nail polishes before, my favourite being the 60-second dry one. I am always rushing around, so I need a nail polish that will dry quickly and last long and they ticked both boxes.

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes
The colours of the nail polish are gorgeous, all the shades are ones that I would choose to wear. From my little finger, to my thumb you have:

‘Fatal Fling’= Deep red
‘Urban Affair’=Mauve
‘Trust You’= Deep purple
‘Soul Session’= Light nude

I was also kindly sent a clear top coat to try, which is the ‘Step 2’. I’m not one for top coats, I usually apply the nail polish and that’s it, so I thought it would be a good test to see if the nail polish lasted any longer or if it made no difference at all.

To begin with I tried the nail polish on it’s own, without a top coat, to see how long it would last. For me, I use my hands a lot, I’m not careful to make sure they don’t chip etc. and they lasted a good 5 days before I noticed them beginning to chip at the end of my nail.

However, when I tried them with a top coat on they didn’t even last a day!!!
I don’t know what happened or if it was other factors but when I applied the top coat, the polish would peel off my nails. Now, bearing in mind, for the dark colours, the deep red, purple and black, I did apply a base coat, but I tested the base coat with and without the top coat to which the top coat still peeled off in both situations.

I personally think that the nail polishes themselves are good enough that you can skip on the top coat and just have the gel nail. It is not necessary to use and it just creates an extra step in your routine that you need to complete and it's not even benficial.

Overall, I do love these nail polishes. They met up to my expectations as they lasted just as long on my nails as other polishes have.

Have you tried these products? What are your favourite nail polishes? What are your favourite Rimmel products?

Let me know!

Sophie x

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  1. Really like the samples which you have used for the nails :) Just tried trust you and I really like the colour :)


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