With all my recent skin troubles, my confidence plummeted becoming almost non-existent. There is nothing I wanted more than to just find something that would cover my face completely and not break the bank.

I saw two of my favourite YouTubers, 'Tati' and 'thataylaa', try the Dermacol Make-Up Cover and after seeing the results and how impressed they were, I just had to try it.

The foundation is a full coverage (50% pigment), waterproof, hypoallergenic, preservative free foundation with SPF 30 and a 'natural' looking, velvety-matte finish. It was designed for perfect coverage, a corrector for dark circles, acne, pigmentation, bruising and tattoos on the face and body.

Dermal Make-Up Cover (£9.99)

I purchased two shades, 208 and 210, from Amazon for £9.99 each, however the prices do fluctuate from time to time due to the demand of a certain shade.
I am a more neutral shade with a slight yellow undertone, I couldn't decide which shades seemed to match me best as 207 seemed to be a pink undertone but 208 seemed too pale and 210 too dark.

Shade 208 on the top, shade 210 on the bottom.

I chose shades 208, which is the paler colour, and shade 210 which is the darker. I found mixing equal parts of both shades was my exact colour match right now, in summer I will be able to use the darker shade and in winter the lighter.


Here is a picture of my face after washing and moisturising with nothing else on. I chose a day when my skin was looking a bit worse for wear, thank you mother nature (no hate please)!

 I went on to use the NYX Angel Veil primer (£13) to smooth out my skin which is what I usually do before I apply foundation.

The amount of product used
I used a small, pea sized amount of each shade which was more than enough to cover my entire face and neck. 

Foundation on the right side of my face

I have been using the foundation for over a month to see what works best with it. You can use both a brush or a beauty blender, a brush gives a heavier looking coverage whereas a beauty blender leaves a more natural looking finish. You should work in thin layers when using this product as a little goes a very long way!

One time I applied barely any foundation to my eyes to see how my concealer, the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99), applied over it and everything blended out as usual. I didn't find concealer necessary with such a full coverage product but it's all about preference.

Foundation on the left side of my face

The foundation applied beautifully to all areas of my skin, it doesn't feel heavy as you don't need a lot of the product. I have quite normal skin but it can get oily when the weather is warmer. I wore this when it rained and it didn't fade, I wore it when we had a really warm week recently and it didn't melt off my face. It does have a glowy finish so for people with really oily skin, I don't think it would last that long but for dry skin I think this would be lovely. It didn't cling to any texture on my face, to any blemishes or the dry skin around them. 

Foundation on the forehead

I did find that it settled into my smile lines and as it is a more radiant finish it doesn't dry down and can transfer. I prefer to set my face with the Dermablend Setting Powder (£17) which I think is AMAZING and I find works well with all my foundations. This stops the foundation from settling in fine lines and stops it transfering. All other products, bronzer, highlighter and blush all blended perfectly fine on top.

The completed look

This was the finished look! 
This product has definitely changed how I feel about full coverage foundations as it has helped boost my confidence so much. Every time I wear this it just feels like I'm having a good skin day and that's all I ever want. I don't need to worry if I wake up with blemishes on my face because I have a product that can completely cover it and helps me to feel good in my skin. 

What are your favourite foundations? Do you prefer a full or natural coverage?

Let me know!

Sophie x

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