L'Oréal Pure Clay Face Masks: Review

Skincare has become a really important aspect in my life, the better my skin looks, the better I feel and the more confidence I have. 
One product that I use without fail is face masks, whether its a clay mask, glow mask, exfoliating mask or sheet mask. What better news that new affordable face masks that a suitable for all skin types!
L'Oréal Pure Clay Masks

I have tried all 3 masks over the course of two months to see the long term changes the masks made to my skin and the results were amazing. My skin is normal/combination with an oily t-zone and few breakouts on my cheeks and forehead. I would use the masks every 2-3 days, sometimes I would use only one of the masks and other days I would multi-mask but it all depended on what my skin needed at that time. 
Detox Mask
My favourite mask of the 3 is the detox mask with charcoal to draw out impurities deep from your skin. I normally find that charcoal masks can dry out the 'normal' areas of my skin, however I could use this all over my face without it being too drying. It has significantly reduced the amount of breakouts I now get because of the deep cleanse it gives to my skin. I use this mask the most often, especially on my t-zone to clear and reduce any breakouts.
Purifying Mask
The purity mask cleans deep into your pores and mattifies oily skin. If I use this mask I could only use it on my t-zone as it would be too drying in other areas, it significantly mattified my skin and reduced any shine I would usually have. When the mask is drying you can see it clear out the dirt clogged in your pores. I do like this mask for when I'm feeling oily or for my pores but not for all of my face.
Brightening Mask
The glow mask has little apricot seeds which gentle exfoliate to reveal your natural glow. I do find this mask very brightening on days where I feel my skill looks really dull or tired, this mask is great. As it's such a gentle exfoliant I enjoy it, I don't like harsh scrubs on my face so I love products that are gentle yet affective. I use this when my skin needs a pick-me-up (which feels like all the time recently).

Have you tried these masks? Do you enjoy them? What are your favourite face masks to use?

Let me know!

Sophie x

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