Kylie Jenner Liquids Lipsticks and Gloss: Review and Swatches

I love a good liquid lipstick!

 I've been trying so many different liquid lipsticks to find the perfect one that lasts all day but doesn't dry out my lips and Kylie Jenner's are definitely one. The formula went onto my lips beautifully and you didn't need to layer it to make it opaque. However, personally when I did try to layer it I found it to go very thick and crack so less is more with this liquid lip. One thing I also loved about them is the scent, compared to some I've tried they didn't smell chemically but smelled sweet which is nice because no one wants to apply the scent of paint to their lips.

From the box, downward: Exposed, Dolce K, Literally, Maliboo, Candy k.

As you can tell, I love a neutral lip but my favourite shades out of my collection are Maliboo and Dolce K. I find that Exposed applies with a more orange tone on my lip, whereas Maliboo is a very nude shade which I prefer. Candy K is a more pink undertone which I love for more natural days as my lips are naturally very pink. Dolce K is a lot darker on my lips than I imagined, it has a darker brown undertone which I wasn't expecting but actually liked when it was applied to my lips.

I thought I would try the gloss formula (Literally), I'm not opposed to glosses but I wear liquid lipsticks more often. I didn't like the formula of the gloss, I did purchase mine a while ago when they first came around. The formula of mine was clumpy and sticky and it didn't settle on my lips very well. However, I don't know if the formula for the glosses has now changed or not.

From top to bottom: Candy K, Mailboo, Dolce K, Exposed, Literally

What are some of your favourite liquid lipsticks or glosses?

Let me know!

Sophie x

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